Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shalom@Labon Kelong August 2012

Ben has written his first ebook on his Kelong Adventure. We visited Labun Island early this month, thanks to Andrew.

Free ebook download at

Credits: Ben Williams

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Visit to the Village

A Day out to the Village

The Village in Sight

A Unique Way of Transporting the Kids

On our way to the School... 

these are the things we See... 

and Experience.

Uncle Dennis demonstrating how to collect water from a Well... 

Traditional Washing Methods, using water from the Well...

Boat making using resources in the Village...

while Chickens run around – A rare sight in urban Singapore.

The Village School
Doing our bid for Community Involvement Projects (CIP)!

Giving some Presents... 

Stationary and Studying Essentials...

Clothes and Shoes... 

to the Villagers and Students alike.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Second Trip To Shalom Kelong

This is the second time we went to Shalom Kelong.

The Long Walkway

We did many activities for example swimming, which we were quite scared at first because it was high tide and it was deep so we had to wait till later to swim.


There were also sea cucumbers and sea stars (starfish) in the swimming enclosure. We picked some sea cucumbers and had them for dinner.

Sea Stars

Tasty Hand-Picked Sea Cucumbers

We also played games and told stories.

Relaxing in the Open Space

The most exciting thing we did was go to the village.

In the Village

Very soon three days passed and we had to go home. I was so very sad.


Hope you will come to Shalom Kelong too!


Monday, December 13, 2010

An experience for the young and old

Going to a kelong? How cool can that be? Well, my family decided to embark on this trip to bring everyone back to basics – the simple life without shopping and modern amenities. We chanced upon Shalom Kelong which unlike many commercial kelong has rooms and attached bathroom for privacy.

Overview of Shalom Kelong

We called Andrew on his mobile,the owner of the Kelong and arrangement was made for the 26 of us to go to his Kelong. The next step was to remit the money to him.  We were very worried about paying the money before the trip but was told that that was the usual practice. Looking back, that was unnecessary worry.

Beach Combing at Night in the Swimming Pool

On 14 March 2009, we (26 of us) made our way with Andrew to his Kelong in Batam, Indonesia. A van ride and a boat ride and we were at the Kelong. We had the exclusive use of the Kelong and Andrew made us feel so at home. You can never get a better tour guide and host than Andrew.

Going out to Fish

The men went fishing, the children went swimming (see picture) and the woman had their massage. What impressed me most was how hospitable Andrew was, he was always looking for ways to make our stay enjoyable. He provided snorkeling gears and tubes for the kids during swimming and at low tides he provided nets for them to catch small fishes. The children saw crabs, sea cucumbers (the children pick some) and sea stars (starfish). For those who have no fishing rods, Andrew provided some as well.

Swimming in the Enclosed Swimming Pool

Sitting around with no tall buildings in sight really help one to relax and appreciate what one has. The beautiful sunset and the cool breeze is just invigorating.

Fishing from the Platform

To help our children better understand about giving back to society, we visited the village nearby. We brought old clothes that are in pretty good conditions, shoes and stationary. Visiting the village was definitely an eye-opener for our children.

Trekking at the Island

This wonderful experience made possible by Andrew see us visiting many more kelongs in days to come. See how happy all of us are in the group photographs.

Group Photograph

Many people have asked me if staying on the kelong makes you feel like you are on a boat.. Definitely not, and for those who needs warm water to bath, Andrew can arrange for some hot water. My children have found bathing in mountain water quite an experience.  

I strongly recommend this experience for the young and old.